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Each branch has its own peculiarities, each entrepreneur has its own requirements, each product or service has its own characteristics ...
And every online store should have its identity to distinguish  from others and to be successful!

Our team knows that the secret to your success lies in its unique product. Therefore we have an individual approach to each client. We have gained valuable experience in the production and consultation of online stores. Whether you are starting or advanced online marketers, we will always help you to choose the best conditions for your online store.

Опции към продукта


We will choose the most appropriate options for your products together with you, so every description of your products will be described as good as it should be. 
Доклади и отчети


We will help you to monitor sales, products, customers and everything needed for easy control over your store.

Ваучери за подаръци и отстъпки

Gift vouchers and discounts

We will embed a module that depending on the chosen conditions will generate and automatically send discount vouchers, discounts and all sorts of offers to boost sales.

Модул за разплащане

Payment module 

It is your choice whether to include all payment methods or only some of them.

Facebook магазин

Facebook store

We can connect your online store to your page on Facebook, and we will build a Facebook store there. 

Интеграция със складов софтуер

Warehouse management system integration 

If you have a store or warehouse, your best solution would be to synchronize your storage program with your online store.

To provide the best conditions for our customers, we have taken care of their comfort and convenience of their users. The online store that we will develop for you will be with unique design and will have all the necessary settings, starting from the options of products and go to the integrated tax system.


You will be able to:

  • Upload an unlimited number of products and distribute them in categories depending on their destination, at your discretion;
  • Add any options to the description of the products;
  • Track sales, inventory, customers in the store;
  • Invoice quickly and easily;
  • Make promotions;
  • Attract customers through a system of bonuses;
  • Giving discounts or gifts with purchase over a certain amount or a certain period;
  • Work with different currencies using automated module;
  • Receive e-mail notification when a new order is made and customer is registered;
  • Deliver goods to your customers with only two clicks;
  • Work easily and comfortably with your online and physical store, synchronize them into one operating system..

Your customers will be able to:

  • Share any of your product on social networks;
  • Pay in different ways (however you decide to do it);
  • Find easily your products you, using a filtering hint in your search;
  • Find your store and your products thanks to your SEO;
  • Buy from your store without registration;
  • Buy from you through Facebook, if you have a Facebook store.


You already liked template?

We work with a variety of ready platforms for creating online shops: Magento OpenCart WordPress, Zencart.

Share your preferences and we will add the necessary functionalities!



Search engine optimization (SEO)

So now when you already have online store with great design and amazing content but you need to know how to position it to the online space

Our advice is: Start with SEO!

We perform basic optimization of  every new online shop that we make and we give them the best possible start. Our team specializes in search engine optimization and always know the best  SEO practices. More about SEO you can find here.

We will make your online store Mobile-Friendly

You already know how important is for your clients to find you very easy. Most of the time this is happening online on their mobile devices. So if you want to sell your products you will need to be able on all devices.

Surprise your clients and unpleasant competitors!

Responsive онлайн магазин


RESPONSIVE online store
means everything now!


We can help you to create your successful online store - the one that was once in your dreams! 

Friendly design of our

We created an intelligent and manageable administration
that will be your assistant  while you manage your store.