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Creating hybrid applications

One of the biggest challenges in creating mobile applications is creating a application consistent with all platforms. This can lead to excessive expenses for the development.

ProVision Media Group offers a development of cross-platform, hybrid, mobile applications for the Operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackberryWe use a known toolkit like HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, Оnsen UI, AngularJS and Phone Gap/Cordova.

These hybrid solutions are giving a range of advantages: quick access of the application to all hardware functions of the mobile device, contacts, camera, files, location, notifications, etc.

Depending on your needs and interests, we will create the most suitable application, so it can be appropriate, interesting and convenient for you and your users.


Mobile applications for iOS
(iPhone & iPad)

We create iOS applications for all mobile devices of Apple.

We use Objective-C, iOS SDK and Swift, and we always stick to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

Thanks to the expert knowledge and rich experience of our developers, we can always offer to our clients the most innovative technical solutions in combination with the most appropriate and creative ideas.

Android applications

Android easily became the most popular platform worldwide.

With over 80% market share, Android cannot be just neglected for your business. 

We use Java and Android SDK for creating Android applications, and we embed services like Google Maps, Google Play In- app Billing and Google Could Messaging.

WE from ProVision have experience in creating Android apps, when we use all advantages that the Android operating system offers.

Приложения за Android
Windows Phone

Creating applications for
Windows Phone

From its establishment in 2010, Windows Phone is constantly winning market share in the mobile area. Microsoft is using the idea for working of Windows Phone and Windows 8 through common applications between both platforms and it can be relatively easy.

We develop applications for Windows Phone, which can be synchronized with your computer. Depending on your business, we will take care for your users to be able to synchronize the notifications from their phones with their intelligent clock, fitness tracker and all kinds of clever accessories.

Push Notifications

ProVision offers embedded  Push Notification in each application, regardless which operating system you are working with. Push notifications are notifications, which the application can send to the users, so they can definitely be noticed.

Together with this notifications, our team will design for you a control panel, by which you will understand everything you are interested of every user, you will be able to communicate with a special target of the application users – by gender, by age, by location at the moment, by residence etc.

There are interactive push notifications, by which you can cause your application users to be active and to get an answer of directly asked question

Consult with our specialists and we will integrate the most suitable notifications in your application.

Mobile applications Push Notification
Административно Управление

Administrative Management

With every Android, iOS or Windows Mobile application, you receive an administrative panel containing the specific functionalities, needed to the administrators for the management, support and promotion of the application.


For base of the interface we use ProVision CMS.

The administrative panel has been created to help you and not to interfere. Everything is maximum simplified and facilitated. By the administrative panel you will be able to control every function of your application and to observe the results of using the application.

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