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Facebook is one of the leading social medias worldwide and it is definitely a leader in Bulgaria. It became a working environment for a lot of people – 30 million different kinds of businesses have corporate pages in the social network and their number is constantly increasing.

Perhaps you are asking yourself the question: : „How come they will notice exactly me among so many competitors?“.

The truth is that Facebook is very dynamic environment, especially when we are talking about work. Therefore you should be innovative and adjustable to the innovations at the same time.

ProVision has energetic and creative team of young people, always familiar with the latest trends in the world of the virtual communications. We are here to help you!

We are here to help you!

Our team will take daily care of your Facebook fan page.

The Idea

Everything starts with the idea as we already have said many times.

She is young and crazy girl that hides in everyone of us. The heads of our team are full of wild ideas and will invent the most suitable strategy for the presence of your business in Facebook.

 The realization

Then it comes the realization. She is a very demanding lady and will require from you lots of persistence and full dedication. A man with no experience is not easy to understand such women. Leave her to us, we know her well and we are familiar with what exactly she needs.

The success

And finally comes the success. He is very sweet gentleman, who knows how to make you happy. However please have in mind, that he is going only where lots of work and time have been sacrificed for him. That is why Mr. Success is really dependant of the severe temper of The Realization, in whose honor you should sacrifice. The truth is that we are all dependent of The Realization and she takes a lot of time and efforts. Our team often meets this sophisticated lady and we have the required experience, knowledge and creative mind in order to win her. 

The most important qualities required for the support of a Facebook page are 
persistence and ingenuity. 
Say that we do not have them?!

Our basic goal during the support of your Facebook page, will be to win some true followers for you, and you will be able to easily make them your loyal clients. For the realization of this goal, we will save you lots of valuable time, when we start creating and supporting your image in the social networks.

When you choose us, you win:

When your Facebook page is maintained well, you are sending the right messages to the right people. Then everybody knows what they have to and everybody loves you. And how the right messages can be sent? This will be explained to you personally from our copywriters, marketing specialists and designers. The secret is in the collaboration of our specialists and in the single use of their knowledge. With us you win marketing specialist, graphic designer and copywriter, who will think together for your business. Before starting to work with you, we take a detailed research for your business and for your clients in order to get familiar with them. On this research basis, we create a marketing plan. And at the end we are following this plan with persistence and ingenuity. And please do not be scared of the evil old grandmother The Price, but make an inquiry.

We are your partners.