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Facebook applications are part of the active presence of the successful business in the social network.

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Facebook is one of the leading social media worldwide and it is a leader in Bulgaria for sure. It became a working environment for a lot of people – 30 million different kinds of businesses have  corporate pages in the social network and their number is constantly increasing.

Perhaps you are asking yourself the question: „How come they will notice exactly me among so many competitors?“.

The truth is that Facebook is very dynamic environment, especially when we are talking about work.

Therefore you should be innovative and adjustable to the innovations at the same time.


ProVision has energetic and creative team of young people, always familiar with the latest trends in the world of the virtual communications. We are here to help you!

Защо работят Facebook приложенията?

Why the Facebook applications are working?

The applications are representing the information, which you would like to report to your users, in an easy to comprehend way. When life is a game, everything becomes more pleasant.

As the kids game is the tool for understanding adults life, so for the adults it is the way to easily understand your business, your philosophy.

We create all kinds of facebook applications  – games, apps and Facebook stores. Our applications will be created especially for you and no one else. Our team holds on to your personality and we are working with each client according to his own wishes and needs.

Develope Facebook games

Don‘t be fooled that adults do not play games. Millions of users are playing games in  Facebook every day. Don't miss that chance!

ProVision team offers you a creation of a unique game for your fan page on facebook. The game will be created especially for your business and will not be offered to other clients.

From facebook games you can extract a lot of information about your fans, which you can use for PR and advertising campaigns and also for improving your products and services. The viral distribution of the games will bring you more page fans. And our creative ideas will make these fans your true followers.

Facebook игри
Facebook приложения

Facebook apps

We offer you a creative and innovative  Facebook app, which we can embed in your fan page. And it can work well together with your marketing plan.

The applications we will create for you will lead you to your target group and will spread your message in the most pleasant, the easiest to understand and the most memorable way.

Impress your audience!

Facebook stores

Facebook store is an incredible tool, which will bring you lots of sales. This is an absolute facilitation for your clients – they visit your facebook page -> visit your store -> look at your products -> make a purchase.

Think about how meaningful that will be for all the people that spend their time in Facebook wasting their time.

Your Facebook store will be fully consistent with your business. We can connect it to your storage system, with courier software and to equip it with everything required for your business.

Facebook игри
facebook apps icon

Even when your Facebook application, store, game or campaign is fully up and running, we from,

will be there for you if you need our advice.

We could, along with the development of

app to be useful with the

maintenance of the page, which bears 

Information on all of your potential customers.